He Ren

Exploration never ends.


Statistical Consultant
Center for Social Science Computation and Research, University of Washington
09/2022 – Now · Seattle, United States
Supervisor: Jerald Herting, PhD

  • Instructed workshops on introductory R for faculty and students
  • Provided statistical and computation consulting services 80 hours per month to improve the research of faculty and students

Research Assistant
College of Education, University of Washington
09/2022 – 06/2023 · Seattle, United States
Project: HOPE: Achieving home discharge for institutionally bound patients with PROMs, AI, and the HER
PI: Andrea Cheville, MD & Chun Wang, PhD. Funded by National Institute of Health

  • Cleaned a big clinic dataset with over 10 million records and conducted descriptive statistics
  • Handled the missingness and sampling weights in the dataset with multiple advanced statistical methods
  • Selected the most important variables on patients’ discharge positions by regularization methods

Psychometrician (Internship)
ByteDance Co., Ltd.
05/2022 – 07/2022 · Beijing, China

  • Conducted descriptive statistics, data visualization, and results interpretation
  • Identified the items in which the difficulty parameters were abnormally labeled through quantitative analysis
  • Simulated item recommendation rules and adjusted the recommendation rules based on the simulation results

Teaching Assistant (Awarded as Excellent T.A.)
Beijing Normal University
09/2020 – 01/2021 · Beijing, China
Course: Adaptive Testing and Diagnostic Adaptive Assessment

  • Undertook the task of introducing R
  • Tutored 18 graduate students in remedial courses on the fundamentals of statistics.
  • Corrected homework assignments weekly

Research Assistant
National Assessment Center for Education Quality
06/2019 – 08/2019 · Beijing, China
Project: Vertical linking based on large-scale assessment projects in China
PI: Ping Chen, PhD. Funded by Chinese Testing International Co., Ltd.

  • Participated in the research on test equating design and methods.
  • Helped with programming for Monte Carlo simulation programs to compare different equating methods
  • Assisted in creating research presentation posters and PowerPoint slides